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Rest your head against their chest. 
Do you hear?
Their life beating through them?
Listen to it…

And you will know what fear is.

Oh! how fragile their life is…
To only live in heartbeats…
Your sweetest melody…

And how maybe one day you will lay against them like this
And wait for the sweet delicate sound of life
And God forbid…

All you hear is dead silence.

 – Hiba




I’m trying
I’m too invested in things more beautiful than poetry
So I’m trying
I’m getting requests to continue
And I don’t wanna refuse
I know the magic words can do
So I wanna continue
But about what
And where do I start
And how

The weather’s nice
It rained today
Like the tears that I shed yesterday

But the rain is mercy
Unlike my pain
So I know I’ve healed
I felt happy
And excited

And I took my parrot out to the balcony
And he screeched and sang from excitement
And that was my heart.
Happy and joyful
Dancing inside from joy

I don’t get why people use umbrellas during such beautiful weather
It’s ungrateful and idiotic
Especially for people in Kuwait
I can’t believe they could be so dumb
After months of being roasted under the scorching Kuwaiti sun
You’d think people would cherish this beautiful weather

Cool breezes
And drops of sweet water from the heavens
And the weather’s gift to the people of Kuwait
And they have the nerve to be so ungrateful
With umbrellas over their heads
And pacing speedily out from under the sky
So desperate to get inside

How ignorant
They don’t cherish it when they get it
And yet they complain all year round about how much they would love if Kuwait was breezy and cool

We live in a world where people who don’t have time
To cherish and enjoy the things they asked for all year round
What a strange world…

What a strange world…

 – Hiba



I’m tired.

I feel like it’s falling apart


Not the outside though.

It’s my inside.

Like my entire mechanism inside is faulty

I keep looming forever between smiles and tears

Between frowns and laughs

Like there’s a possible glitch inside.

I don’t understand where the fault is…

Maybe it is everywhere.

 – Hiba

Not very hard


Peace is easier when you give up a fight that has no end

Peace is easier when you calmly differ in your opinions instead of forcing and shoving your thoughts down somebody’s throat

Peace is easier when you speak directly TO a person about all confusions and misunderstandings instead of speaking ABOUT that person to somebody else as way of unjustly criticizing him while he’s not present to even defend himself.

Peace is easier when you’re not a coward and you confront people directly

Peace is easier when you have the wisdom to let a person finish before you cut him off

Peace is easier when you have the sense to be polite even when you rival someone

Peace is easier when you show etiquette

Peace is easier when you respect someone’s identity via cultural and racial background

Peace is easier when you stand next to oppressed groups

Peace is easier when you stop using racial slurs

Peace is easier when you stop quoting your rights to people without recognizing theirs

Peace is easier when you let them go first

Peace is easier when you are kind

Peace is easier when you forgive

Peace is easier when you offer help

Peace is easier when you smile

Peace is so much easier when YOU are a better person

ISLAM is easier when you abide by the peace I defined

ISLAM is easier when you live by this legacy of your Prophet

ISLAM is easier when you live by these da’wah and daily life etiquettes in the Qur’an

Islam is so much easier when you are a better person

And Da’wah is easier when your Islam is easy.

 – Hiba

They deserve more


Remember those days?

Where running aimlessly into walls was okay?

When hitting the ground and scraping your knees was no big deal?

When wearing your shoes wrong was just another casual thing?

When asking your mom to break all pieces of bread for you was alright?

I will tell you something about that time.

At that time,
the only person I could cry to
was my mom.

By choice.

And the difference between yesterday and today
is that now I cry to her only when I’ve got no other choice.

That’s called growing up
That’s called leaving your parents behind
That’s called getting independent

And that’s also called robbing them of their rights.

Cry to them.
Talk to them about everything.
Everything that disturbs you.

Their sole reason to live is you.

Give them the peace they find when you talk to them.
They’ve made too many sacrifices
And all they asked for in return is your sincere attention and honesty

Love them and cry to them about your mistakes and your depression over how cruel the world is.
They’re the only ones that will listen to you and cry with you for all the struggles you’ve been putting up just in order to survive.

You’re more valuable to them than you are to yourself.

Give them the bits of you they deserve

And kill your ego for the sake of them

The only people who are worth killing you own ego and your own “self respect” are your parents

They’re the only people that deserve it.

Let them win the argument

It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong
What matters is that they deserve that you give up a small argument for them.
Don’t let an argument control your relationship with them.
Let ’em have victory in that one argument.
They already lost way too much in keeping you alive and satisfied.

They lost their investments and savings and their youth and health.

They invested it all in you.

The least you can do is let ’em win an argument.

They’ve dedicated their lives to fulfilling your dreams and keeping you satisfied.

They’ve kept your most horrifying secrets.

The  speak a billion boasting words about how incredible you are in everything you do.
Even when you’re not

Give them the love they deserve.

They deserve more than just “yes mom” and “alright mom”
“kay, I’ll do it mom” and “whatever dad”.

They deserve more than that.

Way more.

Do them justice and give them more.

 – Hiba

Go away, person


My mind is sick of you

Your lies

Your games

Your fake poetic charm

All your unreal sob stories

Your “tragedies”

And I give zero damns now

Off whatever you wanna off now

I couldn’t care less

I’m not stupid

I know lies when I hear them

Just because I never confronted you doesn’t mean I had no reason to

But I won’t do no confronting

You’re not even worth that much

You’re not worth a single word

Go fake love to somebody else

I never yearned for it,
I never asked for it,
I wasn’t desperate for it,
You knocked on the wrong doors.

You advertised to the wrong customer
Find people who actually are looking for love to buy

Not people who are sick of love being sold with lies.

 – Hiba

My Demons Talking

“Remember when you dreamt of being successful?



But instead you ended up with mental disorders?

Unable to get your shit together?


Way to live a dream, huh?

But congratulations.

You’ve just entered what is called reality.

Ever heard of it before?

It’s that thing that slaps you in the face…

And then wonders why you’re mad…

Welcome to reality, my love.

We call it Life.”

 – Hiba