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How to kill someone.

“I’ll die.. don’t do this to me..”

“Die then. I don’t care.”


Lessons # 1

“As women when we fight for our rights in our struggle to stand next to men in total and absolute equality, men are not really the ones that defeat us; even though they are the ones that insult us and discourage us the most.
The ones that defeat us are in fact women…
Those women that side with men.
And you know what’s ironic? They side with men by standing behind men. Not beside them.”

– Hiba

16 December 2014

I never did have words before, and I don’t have any now either.

Pakistan is strong and very very resilient. May we be blessed and victorious in our fight against these atrocious crimes of terrorism and cowardice of a kind  that picks on people half their size. Too bad they were underestimating the spirit and the bravery that lives in the hearts of our youth.

May Allah always bless the souls of our martyrs and may He bless this one piece of land that is filled by the people of لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ with His Mercy. May He bless us with the right kinds of knowledge and the wisdom and strength that is required to move forward and prosper as a nation. May we be a successful nation and may we be a nation of good.
.للّهُـمَّ لا مانِعَ لِما أَعْطَـيْت، وَلا مُعْطِـيَ لِما مَنَـعْت، وَلا يَنْفَـعُ ذا الجَـدِّ مِنْـكَ الجَـد

Aameen ya Rabb ul Mu’mineen.



One night a feast was held in the palace, and there came a man and prostrated himself before the prince, and all the feasters looked upon him; and they saw that one of his eyes was out and that the empty socket bled. And the prince inquired of him, “What has befallen you?” And the man replied, “O prince, I am by profession a thief, and this night, because there was no moon, I went to rob the money-changer’s shop, and as I climbed in through the window I made a mistake and entered the weaver’s shop, and in the dark I ran into the weaver’s loom and my eye was plucked out. And now, O prince, I ask for justice upon the weaver.”Then the prince sent for the weaver and he came, and it was decreed that one of his eyes should be plucked out.

“O prince,” said the weaver, “the decree is just. It is right that one of my eyes be taken. And yet, alas! both are necessary to me in order that I may see the two sides of the cloth that I weave. But I have a neighbor, a cobbler, who has also two eyes, and in his trade both eyes are not necessary.”

Then the prince sent for the cobbler. And he came. And they took out one of the cobbler’s two eyes.

And justice was satisfied.

– Khalil Gibran, The Madman.

Things I’ve realized in 2014

1. God has His own way of guiding us.

2. Home brewed herbal tea is the best solution for terrible flu. It works like magic.

3. Pakistan feels beautiful at night because of how dark and quiet it gets, where people actually switch off their lights and go to sleep and there is not a single car out at night.

4. Facebook is the name of trouble.

5. Some people never change.

6. Some change, but you never even realize.

7. NIGHT CHANGES is a beautiful beautiful and simply oh so beautiful song.

8. Arguments and debates are different and here is how. Arguments are unhealthy because in those, we’re just trying to cancel each other’s opinion out. Debates though, are healthy because then we are giving each opinion the equal chance to be explained and then we contradict it by fair means to come at conclusions. Arguments never lead to conclusions because if everyone keeps canceling each other’s opinion out, what are we going to be left with?

9. Media is just trying to trash our brains. I mean I hate how our Pakistani media is promoting so much of filth and confusion.

10. Asking is not always helpful, especially when you can do it yourself.

11. Some things are just fate and need no further explanation.

12. Moisturizers are a necessity in places like Kuwait.

13. Being deprived of privileges makes us stronger emotionally.

14. Your own instincts are your best weapon and your desires are your worst.

15. Regret and guilt are two separate things.

16. And here’s something I haven’t figured out yet. We meet different people in life and a lot of times they try to make us see something we are unable to see. They try to guide us, but it never works and so they leave until this one person comes along who is more convicting and has a better appeal. So this person sows seeds in your heart, and waters them everyday unlike the others that never bothered to water the seeds they were trying to sow, and gradually the seeds grow into a small sapling and keep growing and blossoming with flowers and fruits. But the sad part is that the person that sows them doesn’t always remain. The person leaves when the plant becomes self sustaining, but I hope that person will come back to get the fruits, because who else did the person want the plant for…?
And I’m guessing that’s life. The people who do the most for you get lost somewhere behind after motivating you to go ahead in life…..
Hey you know what? I think I get it. Here’s a picture of life. So this person who sowed the seeds and raised the plant and disappeared somewhere in the midst of it, he urged us forward and ahead in life… and the fruits? We, like the stupid humans we are, will share them with people who least deserve it. Or at least that’s how it usually is. There are people who literally build us and give us strength and teach us to love life and in return we step right over them and share our strength and love with people who didn’t invest as much as an ounce in us. So even though the fruit bearing plant was an investment of someone else’s time and energy, I’m going to be sharing the fruits with someone else?
Gawd, no! I don’t wanna do that. But the person who sowed the seeds and watered them is gone… I’m not saying that the fruits are ready yet, but what when they will be? I hope that person comes to get the fruits….
And even in this confused state, I’m still aware though, about what I said earlier. And I really am guessing that this is what you call life. The best people are always left somewhere behind after teaching you to move ahead.

17. Experiences serve no other purpose than to be learnt from.

18. Pencils and fountain pens are the best.

19. I’m a pathetic writer.

20. Life is exhausting.

21. I’m tired.

– Hiba

The Real Face Of Real Terrorists

White Shadows

PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-ATTACKA Palestinian girl stands in a destroyed building following an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 08, 2014.

With red bulging eyes burning like hell, his distressed slow steps dragged his dead body into the class room. His beloved students got amazed as they took a glance of his miserable self in contrast to the usual polished and well dressed one.

Every student in this class loved their teacher ever since he had been teaching them. Their hearts literally missed some beats as he spoke out in a broken voice, again, very unusual as compared to his usual soft polite voice.

“How are you all”

“We are fine Sir !” They all spoke out at once. The pin dropped silence scattered for a second and then settled itself back.

He never used to teach them in ordinary ways i.e by reading from books or through cramming. He had…

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Fantasy worlds…

Here is the last post I had written:

Lala Rukh had replied to me regarding her thoughts and I personally didn’t agree with a small part of her reply. Lala, I’m hoping that it doesn’t offend you to blog my reply to you.

Here is Lala’s comment:

Well there are two sides of every picture Hiba and there are less people who, while enjoying the better side turns the picture to see the worst side…. You are one of the ones who do that and it means only one fact, that your conscious is still active and the human inside you is alive. People are dead now-a-days….the feelings have lost their meanings and we just turn our eyes around after hearing or watching a news of death….either by a bomb blast or accident or something else. You are right…..I hate disney and other fantasies too but don’t you think, before we could reach the age of realization we should take our time to relax in these fantasy worlds ?

I feel your pain Hiba and I am afraid I can do nothing to lessen it. We should never ignore the truth..but we can get affected by it positively to take some constructive steps to make at least ourselves a better person. Loved reading your thoughts xx

Here is what I have to say regarding fantasy worlds:

I agree with all that Lala said ,but  I don’t think fantasies should be enjoyed so much that they hurt too bad when we wake up back into the real world. If there is anything that I hate the most, then it is my own daydreams that I know were just part of some fantasy.

And maybe people turn to fantasies to relieve themselves from the pain that they face in the real world, but it’s still ignorant to do that. Running away from pain and hiding in some dream world is never the permanent cure. If anything, it’s more PAINFUL to detach from the dream world. It becomes like a drug…

Or, maybe I just have some personal beef with fantasies and dream worlds and fairy tales… It hurts to thinks about them now… And enjoying fairy tales at a young age would mean that you would always hold on to those fairy tale-ish meanings of life. It was hard for me to give it up… To realise that I have to stop comparing the real world with fairy tales… That is the thing that angers me most. Maybe I would have been able to cope with the real world and be strong about it, if it hadn’t been for fairy tales.

Enough already…

And we hear the stories everyday…. Fifteen year old girl dies in car accident… Seventeen year old boy commits suicide… Five year old girl dies of being abused by parents… Around nineteen people lose their lives in a recent bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan… Loyal Police officer pays price for hunting down terrorist by being blasted off a bridge… Man commits suicide for not being able to financially support wife and children…… And don’t even get me started on abortions.

Will it ever end? When will it end? Is there not a brighter tomorrow? I hate Disney for training my mind to believe that there is always a happy ever after. I hate Disney for making me think that life is perfect and has no tragedies… Realisation is tough…

One might try to tell me to look at the positive things in life, but no. No matter how many people got married, no matter how many people got blessed with children and no matter how many people won the lotteries, there are still people who died in vain. The fact does not change no matter how many people smiled today. The fact that someone was so depressed and hopeless as to commit suicide won’t change. The fact that a young girl lost her life and that her parents are still mourning her death won’t change. The fact that a child became an orphan just because his father was loyal won’t change. The fact that nineteen people died in a blast and that nineteen families are mourning the death of their loved ones won’t change… None of it will change. So don’t tell me to turn my back on those tragedies and ignore them. Don’t tell me that those people don’t have a right to be acknowledged. Don’t tell me that I should prefer the positive things over their pain…

Sometimes we shouldn’t always look at the brighter side. Sometimes we need to face the reality of the dull and negative side also. The positive side is just half the truth of what goes on in this world. It is the the dull and negative side that reveals to us the complete truth.

But even when we know the complete truth, there is just frustration. Doesn’t anyone else get tired of hearing the same sickening stories of ignorance?

No name.

Stop playing the damsel in distress.

Stop being such a baby.

Stop creating so much drama.

Stop fussing over the smallest of things.

Stop whining about the things in life that you cannot control.

Start counting you heartbeats as the biggest blessings.

Grow up! Please…

See how everybody really cares.

Stop with your ignorance and grow the hell up!

Star accepting the truth and start admitting your wrongs.

Know that not everyone’s perfect and know that life…. it will never be “perfect”. But it can be “better”.  Just stop whining and smile and everything will be better. I promise.


Beautiful people.


Beautiful days, beautiful thoughts, beautiful places, beautiful ends, beautiful beginnings, beautiful hopes, beautiful dreams, beautiful lives, beautiful smiles, beautiful times, beautiful tears, beautiful aches, beautiful heartbreaks, beautiful breakdowns, beautiful struggles, beautiful motivations, beautiful actions, beautiful souls, beautiful people.

They’re beautiful people with beautiful hearts and beautiful souls. With beautiful faces and beautiful smiles. With beautiful thoughts and beautiful motivations. They fell, but they beautifully got up and worked harder. They broke, but they still beautifully gathered themselves up. Their hearts broke, but they still managed to beautifully love people with all the broken pieces. They had tragedies, but they beautifully turned those into fairy tales. Life made them frown, but they still turned them into beautiful smiles. Every time life pushed them down, they beautifully hoped. They beautifully dreamed. Throughout all bad times, they managed to have beautiful times. Every time life gave them a bad end, they turned it into a beautiful beginning.

They’re still hurting. They’re still breaking. They’re still crying. They’re still dreaming. They’re still hoping. They’re still smiling. They’re still fighting. They’re still living. They’re still believing. They’re still beautiful… So beautiful.

How had I never known? How had I never seen? Had I been so blind? All I’d seen was their beautiful fairy tale of a life. All I had seen was their beautiful dreams come true. How had I never seen their tragedies? How had I never seen their tears? How had I never seen their broken hearts? How had I never seen their struggles? How…? Some friend, huh? Their best friend….. I’m their best friend and yet they hid it so well from me. My childhood best friends…

I’m not hurt. I’m just amazed. More than ten years and they hid it so well. They never let it show… Yes. my heart does ache for them. They didn’t deserve any of it. They didn’t deserve any kind of pain, heartbreak or frown.  They’re just too beautiful for any of that.

Tamanna, you’re an amazing person. You’re the first person that had walked into my life and stayed till today. Nobody in their right minds would want to give you up and the people that hurt you have no right to do so. One day you’ll lead an amazing life and the people that gave up on you will hate themselves for giving you up. That day, they’ll realise that you were not just a ordinary rock to be tossed aside. You were too precious a diamond and now they lost the right to call you theirs. You’re beautiful and I will love you always.