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Now we have a different outcome.

All good.


I’m here again.

Right after I made my blog public again, I got a notification saying today is the 5th anniversary of my blog.

I guess I gave my blog a sweet present on this day then.

I’m back. And I’m better. Everything is better. And I’m glad.

Hope you guys missed me?

– Hiba



I’m making this blog private in the next week. To anyone who wishes to remain in touch can DM me on IG.

It’s @hiba_syed_q

For those of you who can’t get to me there, can get to me on my personal and third email.. yes. Third. I’ve made a lot of email accounts;

I’ll leave this post up for about a week before I go private so you guys will have somewhere to get to me at.

Anyway, take care.

And farewell..

– Hiba.

Farewell…I guess.

I’m going to privatise this blog in a couple of months. I’ve stopped writing and it hurts to have my writings still on showcase.

This is to give a heads up to all of you that genuinely looked forward to the rare occasions on which I wrote and published. 

Thank you all for all the support you gave me here. Take care.

I love you, and bbye.

 – Hiba.

Dead silence 

I’m waiting now
Waiting to hear my sweet melody
The sound of their voice
The sound of their heart beat
Or the sounds that they make
In the innocence of their sleep
But there’s no melody any more
No music
No heavenly sound of their presence
Just dead silence


One of my most favorite bloggers on WordPress wrote this very powerful flash fiction story in response to my post on men.
I recommend you give it a read ’cause it reflects a reality that I agree exists and in fact, needs to be addressed.

Jennifer Terry

photo-20160111132111179 Photo Prompt – Etol Bagam

Olivia had a free afternoon.   That’s how she’d ended up at Murphy’s, alone in a corner booth next to the window, sipping merlot, halfway through Girl on the Train.

“Do you mind if I join you?”  She looked up at the man, annoyed – she hated being bothered while reading.

“I’m flattered, but I really just want to be alone.”

He traced his finger along her upper arm and she cringed away.  “Come on, let me buy you a drink.”

“No, thank you.”

“A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be sitting here all alone.”  He sat in the booth across from her.

Olivia sighed.  She knew what would get rid of the guy.  “My boyfriend’s on the way.”

He raised his hand in surrender and left to bother someone else.  He didn’t respect her but he respected a man that didn’t exist.

Olivia closed her book…

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My Demons Talking

“Remember when you dreamt of being successful?



But instead you ended up with mental disorders?

Unable to get your shit together?


Way to live a dream, huh?

But congratulations.

You’ve just entered what is called reality.

Ever heard of it before?

It’s that thing that slaps you in the face…

And then wonders why you’re mad…

Welcome to reality, my love.

We call it Life.”

 – Hiba

Light Another…







Your voice



A debt


And threats

Your words

All set

You leave


I cry

And fret

Then stop




Start again


And live


But I break

You bet

On these nights

I sweat

As time returns

Me all its debts

So I am

All set



And smoking

 These sets

Of the pain

I get

As I light another

Davidoff cigarette.

 – Hiba // I mean I tried…okay?