We quit like a boss

A result of my years worth of efforts and contributions to this cause 🙂

I’ve quit though.

We all have.

Long story as to why.

But here it is: my shield:

Pakistani Blood Donors In Kuwait.

This organization was founded by Pakistanis to raise awareness among all citizens of Kuwait about the importance of blood donation. It was run mostly by Pakistanis encouraging people of all cultures and backgrounds to save lives.

Apart from hosting blood donation drives and campaigns, the organization also held monetary donation drives for certain individuals who required financial backing up for their cancer treatment and also for individuals that needed kidney transplants.

The organization had been recognized among the top ten humanitarian causes in Kuwait  by the Kuwaiti ministry of health and had been honored by the minister as well.

It was the best experience and I met the best, most committed and dedicated individuals via this organization. They had admirable loyalty towards this cause and I absolutely adore these people.
May Allah reward them all for their efforts 🙂

We’ve all quit though. But not before we treated ourselves to a celebration for all our efforts and contributions towards this cause.

This event was hosted by the executive members of the team to honor their general council team members as well as their ex executive members whose efforts had never been acknowledged before. The shields were presented by senior executive members and our sponsors and the Pakistani ambassador.

I’m glad I was part of this team and I will forever cherish the memories.

Here’s my brother’s shield:

P.s. Yes they spelled the name wrong on mine 😛

– Hiba


Lessons # 1

“As women when we fight for our rights in our struggle to stand next to men in total and absolute equality, men are not really the ones that defeat us; even though they are the ones that insult us and discourage us the most.
The ones that defeat us are in fact women…
Those women that side with men.
And you know what’s ironic? They side with men by standing behind men. Not beside them.”

– Hiba

Salaams everyone, this is just to notify you that I’m minimizing my use of wordpress. I have to sit my exams in June and I haven’t so much as touched my textbooks and I really have to start studying. Like hard. So yeah. I’ll hardly be posting or reading, but I swear I love all the stuff you guys are gonna write in advance.

Have an amazing time you guys, I’mma be takin’ a break.

Take care

– Hiba

Keeping it together


Half an hour

And a blank mind

A near mystery as to how I’m gonna write

Mind’s too full

Of stress and misery

After realizing that mine is not the only tragedy

Too many have got it tough

Too many and not much bluff

Only weary smiles

Tired exhausted eyes

Circles under their eyes

From all the stressful sleepless nights

And yet a faint twinkle in their eyes

And a rare sight

Of their healthy and full smile

From the hope of when it’s all gonna be alright

When the tables turn and let them guide

Each other into a wholesome endless light

Where all their dreams reside

Coming true after all this time

But first comes the sleepless nights

Where nothing is for them to set right

 And all things seem out of their might

And when the only thing that keeps them together

Is their relentlessly hopeful stride in life.

 – Hiba



I’m tired.

I feel like it’s falling apart


Not the outside though.

It’s my inside.

Like my entire mechanism inside is faulty

I keep looming forever between smiles and tears

Between frowns and laughs

Like there’s a possible glitch inside.

I don’t understand where the fault is…

Maybe it is everywhere.

 – Hiba



Mascara traces

On her face

And ink spilled

On her journal page

Tears too.

And coffee stains

On his shirt

From when he slept awake


Both of them

And waking

To their ruined state

Ruined shirt

And journal pages

Stained with ink and tears

Blurring his name

And all the years

She spent with him

Reflecting her fears

In her mascara tears

Afraid to write

His name again

What if it blurred

By her fears again?

 – Hiba

Nothing to give


You were enchanting

Deceptive in your own beautiful ways.

Honestly I couldn’t ever tell

What you had been looking for my way

I was a tired soul and I offered hope

Not from me.

On behalf of life mostly

You just confused it

You thought I’d give you something

I just said that life will

Not I by myself, no way

I’d already given much of myself away.

 – Hiba

“Food Challenge”

Okay so I got nominated for this challenge very long ago by Inky and by Sana. I’m not sure if any one else had nominated me… I just remember my nominations, lol. Not my nominators 🙄

So Inky’s got an amazing blog full of poetry, photography, and very random but relatable thoughts and very motivational pieces as well. Do check her blog out. And as for Sana, she’s got a brilliant blog. Truly. I love the way she breaks different quotes down so as to relate them with life and all her comics and her poetry too. Here’s her blog. 🙂

So I’ve got the rules here:


  1. You have to write your feelings not the recipe.
  2. You have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favourite food(so He/She can also give it a try if they like. 🙂 )
  3. You have to add a picture of the dish.
  4. You have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.

Now first of all, I cannot pick just one dish, okay? So I’m gonna talk about a bunch of different foods that I like. ‘Cause, yes I’m a foodie.

So to break it down, I’ve tried a bunch of different cuisines. I was raised on Desi and Arabic cuisine. And other than those, I’ve tried Italian, Thai and Chinese, and some bit of Mexican too.

Among Desi food, I love literally everything. From Biryani to Daal to Pulao to Korma. I think that the only desi thing I don’t like is Paratha and Nihari and Paye (yuck). I’m sorry, I just don’t X-( (Buakh)

But I specifically wanna talk about those south Indian dishes that I had the honor to try due to my Indian friends. (Those friends rock btw) So I had tried Dosa the first time very long ago when I was in grade four. A girl named Farhana used to bring Dosa for lunch and we all used to share our lunch, so yeah. Haha. It was delish. The one thing I really tell my Indian friends to make for me is that. Then there’s idli which I had tried with mint chutney/sauce a few years ago and that day had been legendary. It’s a very long story as to why it had been legendary but me and the friend who had made me try idli had made amazing memories that day. I cannot even put it into words.

Btw, my dad and I really like Sambar 😀

Oh and I had tried curd rice a few months ago at my friend’s place and it had been so good that I had taken the recipe from her so I could make it for my mom. 😀

My mom had loved it 😀

Too bad I don’t have pictures…

But I really really really love Arabic food. It’s usually always very light and refreshing. You will feel full but never overfull. You’ll feel just satisfied. From Fatayer to the falafel sandwich to Ruz Bukhari to Shawerma to Cuzi to Khubz and Hummus to labneh and olives for breakfast. I literally love the Arabic style of eating. I can spend my entire life living upon this cuisine. It’s the healthiest and most refreshing kind of cuisine. It’s majorly built on wheat and grains like rice and chickpeas and herbs that include thyme, parsley and sage and dairy products like yogurt and labneh etc. And you’ve got the favorite fruits: pomegranate and orange. And most usual vegetables include spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, carrots, and eggplant and zucchini. And of course, olive oil 😛

Olive oil is love okay? I never ever cook my food in anything other than olive oil.

Actually I’m too conscious of what I eat.

No I’m not dieting, I’m a foodie, remember?

But I just like to eat healthy, that’s all. I’ve got the Arabic gene in me, lol. So I never ever consume white sugar either. Sorry I don’t. (Not even in my beverages. Not in my tang or in my kahwa. Not even in my coffee) Very rarely do I make dessert and when I do, I make sure to use refined brown sugar instead of white. White sugar is poison. If by mistake I consume white sugar, I go hours feeling horrible and guilty. I start saying to myself: Hiba, apne upar itna zulm? Ainda mat lena white sugar…

I mean okay, I can ignore it on the rare occasions when I visit someone at their place and they serve me with white sugar products and food cooked in ghee or butter. On those rare occasions I cannot be impolite. It’s against my Arabic values. According to the Arabic tradition, if you visit someone at their house, especially if you’re visiting and Arab itself, and he offers you something of the food in his house, you cannot and you should not refuse. Even if it’s just dates and water. It’s considered incredibly disrespectful to decline the offer. I mean come on, they’re doing good. Why snatch their chance? Have from what they offer you. Unless you’ve got health problems of course.

So yeah, I can ignore my food consciousness when someone offers me from their food with that much of love. 🙂

But usually I’m very conscious. No white flour, no white sugar, no butter or ghee, or simply anything other than olive oil. In fact, I even avoid frying my fries. I bake ’em 🙄

Yeah kill me now.

But who said that being a foodie means not being conscious of health?

I mean I don’t wanna end up with diabetes and all those heart problems when I’m in my forties okay? Forties and fifties is too young. 🙄

I mean yeah I love McDonald’s and KFC and Dominos Pizza and all but it’s not like I order it everyday. Look you’re allowed to eat everything as long as you know how to balance it. Maybe once or twice in a month you’re allowed to eat all that stuff but you’ve gotta eat healthy. Be kind to yourself. You can’t keep poisoning yourself like that. (Haraaam!)

Okay, and then there’s all those other cuisines and I like ’em too. I mean who doesn’t like Italian or Chinese? I feel sorry for you if you don’t 😛

I especially love the aroma of those herbs that are used in Italian food.

I recently learnt an amazing recipe for pasta which involves those herbs. It is only when I read the recipe that I realized where that aroma comes from. It’s from the Italian seasoning which is not even all that difficult to make. All you need is dried basil, oregano, dried parsley, rosemary, thyme, garlic powder and onion powder. Just but ’em in a chopper and let ’em grind. So next time you wanna make good pasta, add it to your sauce or mince or however you make your pasta.

Also desis, stop adding that much ketchup to your pasta. That’s not how you make pasta. 🙄

Btw, here’s a pic of the pasta I had made. It’s my favorite dish to make.It’s too easy and I actually enjoy making it. 🙂


Thai and Mexican I like but not all that much. Not as much as I like Arabic or Desi or even Chinese. But it’s still delicious.

Oh and I think that the only American food that I like is Apple Cinnamon Pie 😀

I love it.

It’s delicious.

In fact forget the pie.

Someone just make me the stuffing for Apple pie.

I’ll just eat it with a spoon 😀

Speaking of Apple pie, I’m not much into desi desserts. The only Desi desserts I like are Jalebis and Habshi Halwa. I used to like Gulab Jamun but I’m sick of it now. We used to eat too many Gulab Jamuns when we were little. Ab dil bhar gaya 😛

I also don’t like those custard trifles they make with fruits and cake and biscuits and jellies in Pakistan. Everyone likes to pretend that it’s something western when it’s really not. Plus Custard is baby food. I don’t like it X-(

I like Cheesecakes and brownies and cupcakes oh and Tiramesu *_*

Btw, I recently made triple layer cheesecake for dessert. It was delicious 😀


And I had made a few vanilla cupcakes too some few months ago. (I like baking 🙂 )


But that’s all for this challenge.

The one thing I do wanna share though, is that Inky’s post about how her mom reminded her that she got all that amazing food without even asking for it while there are people who beg for it, kind of struck me.

Now I think about that all the time. Every time I get to eat something good, I get reminded of that. SubhanAllah, may Allah have Mercy on us all and Alhamdullillah for all the privileges I’ve got.

Btw, I’m not really nominating anyone for this challenge. 🙂

– Hiba




Not very hard


Peace is easier when you give up a fight that has no end

Peace is easier when you calmly differ in your opinions instead of forcing and shoving your thoughts down somebody’s throat

Peace is easier when you speak directly TO a person about all confusions and misunderstandings instead of speaking ABOUT that person to somebody else as way of unjustly criticizing him while he’s not present to even defend himself.

Peace is easier when you’re not a coward and you confront people directly

Peace is easier when you have the wisdom to let a person finish before you cut him off

Peace is easier when you have the sense to be polite even when you rival someone

Peace is easier when you show etiquette

Peace is easier when you respect someone’s identity via cultural and racial background

Peace is easier when you stand next to oppressed groups

Peace is easier when you stop using racial slurs

Peace is easier when you stop quoting your rights to people without recognizing theirs

Peace is easier when you let them go first

Peace is easier when you are kind

Peace is easier when you forgive

Peace is easier when you offer help

Peace is easier when you smile

Peace is so much easier when YOU are a better person

ISLAM is easier when you abide by the peace I defined

ISLAM is easier when you live by this legacy of your Prophet

ISLAM is easier when you live by these da’wah and daily life etiquettes in the Qur’an

Islam is so much easier when you are a better person

And Da’wah is easier when your Islam is easy.

 – Hiba