Let us switch roles.. You wait for me and I never return
Translation: “Lets switch roles.. You wait and I never return”

…Of falling

Oh how many there are…
So many, I cannot count.
So many, I could be heaven bound,
So many and yet I hide.

And run…
Can’t let anyone in…

And sweetheart, it hurts…
I wish I was as fearless as before.

Before you stole my firsts,
Before you tossed ‘em in the trash.
Before you broke my bones,
And let my heart crash.

And I have nothing now.

Just a step in front of me…
…I’m too afraid to climb,

And I guess this is what I’m gonna do…
Here is where I’m gonna stay,
Until the day I’m not afraid,
Until the day I could fall again…

These days I just look at my healed scars and feel afraid,
And the day I don’t, I will move on ahead.
…But until then too many chances will go amiss.

But that’s alright,
As long as my heart’s okay.

As long as no tears fall,
I will breathe.
And call it a life.

Goodnight, love.
I don’t miss you anymore…

Just wish you weren’t a thing in my life…
At least I wouldn’t hide,

From the things that were meant to revive…

 – Hiba


The Sun Still Shines


Sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it pass
Let it slide

Remember all the smiles
Not the tides
That had ruined your lives

But the calm blue skies
And the sun that shines
While you still hide
In that awful place
Claiming the sun has died
And that there is no life
Outside of that messy pile
Wherein you hide

Oh but well, it is your loss after all

The sun can’t shine
On its own in your eyes
But it shines still and reflects in everyday smiles

Of that young man who falls
In love
With the sun’s inescapable shine every time.

 – Hiba // purely fiction

Lessons # 1

“As women when we fight for our rights in our struggle to stand next to men in total and absolute equality, men are not really the ones that defeat us; even though they are the ones that insult us and discourage us the most.
The ones that defeat us are in fact women…
Those women that side with men.
And you know what’s ironic? They side with men by standing behind men. Not beside them.”

– Hiba

Keeping it together


Half an hour

And a blank mind

A near mystery as to how I’m gonna write

Mind’s too full

Of stress and misery

After realizing that mine is not the only tragedy

Too many have got it tough

Too many and not much bluff

Only weary smiles

Tired exhausted eyes

Circles under their eyes

From all the stressful sleepless nights

And yet a faint twinkle in their eyes

And a rare sight

Of their healthy and full smile

From the hope of when it’s all gonna be alright

When the tables turn and let them guide

Each other into a wholesome endless light

Where all their dreams reside

Coming true after all this time

But first comes the sleepless nights

Where nothing is for them to set right

 And all things seem out of their might

And when the only thing that keeps them together

Is their relentlessly hopeful stride in life.

 – Hiba



I’m tired.

I feel like it’s falling apart


Not the outside though.

It’s my inside.

Like my entire mechanism inside is faulty

I keep looming forever between smiles and tears

Between frowns and laughs

Like there’s a possible glitch inside.

I don’t understand where the fault is…

Maybe it is everywhere.

 – Hiba



Mascara traces

On her face

And ink spilled

On her journal page

Tears too.

And coffee stains

On his shirt

From when he slept awake


Both of them

And waking

To their ruined state

Ruined shirt

And journal pages

Stained with ink and tears

Blurring his name

And all the years

She spent with him

Reflecting her fears

In her mascara tears

Afraid to write

His name again

What if it blurred

By her fears again?

 – Hiba

Nothing to give


You were enchanting

Deceptive in your own beautiful ways.

Honestly I couldn’t ever tell

What you had been looking for my way

I was a tired soul and I offered hope

Not from me.

On behalf of life mostly

You just confused it

You thought I’d give you something

I just said that life will

Not I by myself, no way

I’d already given much of myself away.

 – Hiba

Not very hard


Peace is easier when you give up a fight that has no end

Peace is easier when you calmly differ in your opinions instead of forcing and shoving your thoughts down somebody’s throat

Peace is easier when you speak directly TO a person about all confusions and misunderstandings instead of speaking ABOUT that person to somebody else as way of unjustly criticizing him while he’s not present to even defend himself.

Peace is easier when you’re not a coward and you confront people directly

Peace is easier when you have the wisdom to let a person finish before you cut him off

Peace is easier when you have the sense to be polite even when you rival someone

Peace is easier when you show etiquette

Peace is easier when you respect someone’s identity via cultural and racial background

Peace is easier when you stand next to oppressed groups

Peace is easier when you stop using racial slurs

Peace is easier when you stop quoting your rights to people without recognizing theirs

Peace is easier when you let them go first

Peace is easier when you are kind

Peace is easier when you forgive

Peace is easier when you offer help

Peace is easier when you smile

Peace is so much easier when YOU are a better person

ISLAM is easier when you abide by the peace I defined

ISLAM is easier when you live by this legacy of your Prophet

ISLAM is easier when you live by these da’wah and daily life etiquettes in the Qur’an

Islam is so much easier when you are a better person

And Da’wah is easier when your Islam is easy.

 – Hiba


One of my most favorite bloggers on WordPress wrote this very powerful flash fiction story in response to my post on men.
I recommend you give it a read ’cause it reflects a reality that I agree exists and in fact, needs to be addressed.

Jennifer Terry

photo-20160111132111179 Photo Prompt – Etol Bagam

Olivia had a free afternoon.   That’s how she’d ended up at Murphy’s, alone in a corner booth next to the window, sipping merlot, halfway through Girl on the Train.

“Do you mind if I join you?”  She looked up at the man, annoyed – she hated being bothered while reading.

“I’m flattered, but I really just want to be alone.”

He traced his finger along her upper arm and she cringed away.  “Come on, let me buy you a drink.”

“No, thank you.”

“A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be sitting here all alone.”  He sat in the booth across from her.

Olivia sighed.  She knew what would get rid of the guy.  “My boyfriend’s on the way.”

He raised his hand in surrender and left to bother someone else.  He didn’t respect her but he respected a man that didn’t exist.

Olivia closed her book…

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Go away, person


My mind is sick of you

Your lies

Your games

Your fake poetic charm

All your unreal sob stories

Your “tragedies”

And I give zero damns now

Off whatever you wanna off now

I couldn’t care less

I’m not stupid

I know lies when I hear them

Just because I never confronted you doesn’t mean I had no reason to

But I won’t do no confronting

You’re not even worth that much

You’re not worth a single word

Go fake love to somebody else

I never yearned for it,
I never asked for it,
I wasn’t desperate for it,
You knocked on the wrong doors.

You advertised to the wrong customer
Find people who actually are looking for love to buy

Not people who are sick of love being sold with lies.

 – Hiba